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Airless Paint Sprayer 1200W Electric Spray Gun Painting Machine DIY Home


Tristar Online

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Help you easily handle all household painting jobs

What can you get?
Stainless Steel Piston Pump Provide high pressure power to spray unthinned paints.Flexible Pressure Regulation Control paint flow on any project size,adjust the spray effects to what you expect. AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER WITH 517 TIP Softer spray finish with greater control and less overspray.Flexible Suction Tube Spray directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers.

Exceeds traditional roller and paintbrush
The sprayer allows for infinite pressure adjustment, depending on the knob symbol to achieve different spray patterns.This makes it the first choice when painting the exterior of a house, garage, shed or fence.

Quickly paint your home projects
3200PSI high-pressure power paint sprayer, using cutting-edge technology to effectively reduce overspray, large family projects are no longer intimidating!

Suitable for a variety of materials
This paint sprayer can be applied directly to internal and external paints and stains, making it an ideal choice for non-diluent latex and oil-based coatings, stains and sealants.

Motor Power : 1200W
Max. Flow Rate : 2.3LSpray Tip : 517
Max. Pressure : 3200PSIMax. Hose Length : 8M.Voltage : 240V 50HZ
Reminding Tips: Clean the pump / hose / spray gun / spray tip thro- ughly everyday when you finish your painting job.

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