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Ecovacs Deebot N3 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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Ecovacs Deebot N3 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring leading product designs and technologies, Ecovacs DEEBOT N3 MAX takes care of your home in 360°. The Smart Navi 3.0 maps and navigates your home more accurately. Specialized design ensures both intensive cleaning performance and quietness at the same time. DEEBOT N3 MAX cares for your home, cares for your mind.

Smart Cleaning for Smart Living.

Up to 93%* of Dust Removal for Deep Clean in One Time
Multiple leading technologies are applied in DEEBOT N3 MAX to ensure a much higher dust removal rate in one time, intensive cleaning performance for your beloved home.
*According to IEC standard testing.
Dual Side Brushes for More Dust Gathering
DEEBOT N3 MAX is equipped with dual side brushes, which ensures more dust gathering and leaves no particles behind.
Handling 4mm Crevices with Brand-New Floating Brush
Proprietary curtain wall protection design brings the all-new suspended floating roller brush module 2.0. Paired with long and short bristles alternating design, this brand-new floating main brush is capable of reaching floor crevices down to 4mm deep for more thorough cleaning.
Innovative Interchangeable Dustbin and Water Tank
DEEBOT N3 MAX is innovatively designed with an interchangeable dustbin and water tank. Ultra-large 600ml dustbin gets more done in several days. 300ml water tank is capable of mopping up to 150m2 with one full*.
*The 300ml water tank is an optional accessory sold separately.
Ever More Intelligent Cleaning Experience by Updated Smart Navi 3.0
With cutting-edge Smart Navi® 3.0 Mapping and Navigation Technology, your DEEBOT intelligently navigates your home. The LDS module helps create a comprehensive cleaning plan.
Smart Mapping and Area Division
The DEEBOT N3 MAX intelligently identifies the type of your house and automatically divides areas by rooms. With the ECOVACS HOME App, you can even select designated areas to clean just in one click.
Virtual Boundary
Anywhere you don’t want it to enter? Just leave it there. By using the ECOVACS HOME App you can create virtual boundaries, restricting your DEEBOT from cleaning certain areas.
Professional Quiet Operation Design for Your Peace of Mind
Multiple professional designs for effective noise reduction to 65dBa under cleaning mode while maintaining high-efficiency cleaning performance. Care for your home, care for your mind.
Smart Home Device Compatibility – Control Your Cleaning with Your Voice
Connect your DEEBOT to Amazon Echo / Google Home and start the cleaning with your voice. All you have to do is just tell it when and how to start. The cleaning has never been so easy.
App Remote Control from Anywhere and Anytime
Clean your home anywhere and anytime. With ECOVACS HOME App, you can effortlessly take control and schedule a clean or monitor your current cleaning status from the palm of your hand.
Automatic Charging
Never worry about charging your robot. When the battery runs low, your robot will automatically return to its docking station to charge, all by itself.
Stair Safety Technology
Don’t worry about your robot falling downstairs. It will sense a drop-off and will safely reverse away to continue to clean your home efficiently.
High-Efficiency Air Filter
Breathe freely while your robot cleans. With its High-Efficiency Filter, your robot will reduce airborne triggers while vacuuming.

Note: This robot vacuum will connect to 2.4GHz only.