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X-BULL Recovery Boards tracks kit 4WD Sand Snow trucks Mud Car Vehicles


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X-BULL Recovery track kit 1Pair Mud Snow Sand trucks 4WD Off-road 4X4 Orange Xtough Series 

1.Nylon Mixtrue
Nylon material has advantages of toughness,tensile strength,compressive strength,anti-fatigue,anit-corrosion.Thermostability and UV resistance.

2.Friction Design
Both ends of the recovery tracks have higher density of rivets and
more curved panel design can make the wheels fit it better, and
make it easy for the vehicle to get out of trouble. We prevent your vehicle’s tires from spinning when stuck snow,mud,sand or ices!

3.Multifunctional Design
The produce can be used as shovels when you're stuck in desert or mud.The lower height on both ends design is also complying with mechanical design principles.

4.Cruciform Design
Bottom bending-proof,cruciform grip ground design makes the product more firm,more solid in ground gripping.

5.Loading capacity
Multidirectional Structural Beams, effectively dispersing the deformation caused by extrusion, XBULL can easily withstand 10 tons of 4wd without breaking.

Heavy duty and UV-resistant anti-tarnishing.

7.The handle design
The design of this handle adopts the principle of ergonomics and the grip is set in the middle, making you hold it more comfortably.

Add the width
It improves the suitability of the sand board to the tire

Add 330g nylon
More nylon material improves the toughness of the recovery tracks.

Add DIY design
Each set of sand boards contains an additional twenty nails
Up to 98 skid resistant units on the front, Up to 38 skid nails on the back

Add the rivets
The different rivets are designed to accommodate the different running angles of the tires.

Size: 1100mm x 350mm x 50mm
Color: Orange
Material: Reinforced strong nylon (add 330g nylon each pcs)
Specification: 10 Ton load capacity on flat ground

In the box
1 *Pair (2PCS) of Recovery tracks Xtough Series

1* Carry bag

20* Spare nut nails(extra)

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