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Australian Export 12PCE Degreaser Powerful Grease Oil Mechanical Concrete 400gm


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AUSTRALIAN EXPORT is a powerful Degreaser that you simply spray on and hose off. CFC free and Aluminium Pressurised‚ this product will help break down the bond between the surface and the contaminants. Proudly Australian Made, this product can be applied to multiple surfaces. Suitable for car, truck or motorcycle engines, mowers, concrete floors and more. Banish super stubborn grease with this degreaser available in our handy 12 pack.

Key Features:

  • 12 x 400gm Degreaser
  • Powerful‚ all-purpose degreaser
  • Simple application; Spray on and hose off
  • Removes oil and other deposits off surfaces
  • Effectively removes any grease stains
  • Aluminium pressurised can
  • Suitable for use on car, truck and motorcycle engines
  • Suitable for mowers, outboard motors, concrete floors etc
  • Perfect for super stubborn grease
  • Australian Made

Customer Reviews

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Graeme Shennan
Degreaser for the job

I have always used export degreaser it's dam good does a great job no longer available through supercheap what a loss to them