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Razer Cynosa Wired Gaming Keyboard



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Razer Cynosa Wired Gaming Keyboard

It is specially designed for gaming, taking your gaming experience to a new level. This durable keyboard uses game-grade membrane keys, which will give you tactile feedback when you strike, and provide you with trustworthy and powerful controls. Through the Razer Synapse software, you can personalize the Razer Cynosa, and you can access your specific settings online from anywhere to continue your journey to the top. Razer Cynosa wired keyboard soft cushioned gaming keys to provide comfort with better housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards, so every keypress is solid. With each stroke, experience full key travel and responsiveness so you can be assured of striking with deadly precision no matter what game you play.


Razer Cynosa adopts special membrane buttons specially designed for games to provide game-level performance for your battles. You can experience full keystroke and tactile feedback when you press the key, and you can ensure precise strikes even in fierce battles.


Razer Cynosa is not only sturdy and durable but also splash-proof. Not only can it provide excellent performance in fierce game competitions, but you don't have to worry about accidentally spilling a drink that will ruin your keyboard or interrupt your winning streak.


Razer Synapse is advanced and intuitive software, just like the brain of Razer Cynosa, it automatically synchronizes this gaming keyboard with the cloud server to download driver updates and save your personal settings. With this unified configuration program, you can automatically synchronize your custom settings and macros, and you can customize all your Razer products with just one login.

Technical specifications

  • Gaming-grade film buttons
  • Anti-splash design, sturdy and durable
  • Fully programmable buttons with Fei Min macro recording function
  • Dedicated game mode
  • Optimized game button matrix, effectively reducing button conflicts
  • Enable Razer Synapse