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X-BULLAir Compressor Oil Moisture Water Filter Regulator Separator Mount fitting


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X-BULL Air Compressor Moisture Water Trap Filter Regulator Separator


Recommend regulating pressure range :30 - 120 PSI

Max. Pressure of the Regulator:145PSI

Max.Flow Rate:35 CFM (1000 L/Min)

Particulate filtration:40 micron

Regulator Inlet and Outlet Port size : 1/4" BSP


Allows you to regulate the air and cleans your airline by removing the water. Ideal for spray painting! Max Pressure: 150PSI. Standard 1/4" outlets. Excellent price for an excellent unit!
100% Brand New & High Quality.

TIPS:Please wrap the whorls with TEFLON TAPE to ensure not leak the air!
Please tighten the nut when using this item.