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Giantz 4 Bicycle Bike Carrier Rack Car 2" Hitch Mount Foldable Black,Giantz 4 Bicycle Bike Carrier Rack Car 2" Hitch Mount Foldable Black


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Tired of cycling the same routes all the time? Need to venture further on your bike? Then look no further than the Giantz 4-bike Car Carrier.

Designed to fit most vehicles and various bike types, the Giantz 4-bike Car Carrier makes it easy for bike enthusiasts to ride in new far-off places or different terrains. The Carrier is made from durable powder-coated steel and compatible with any 2-inch hitch receiver. Using the carrier is just a simple matter of loading the bike onto the rubber-protected holder and locking it down firmly with the bike straps. No messy around with straps and chains unlike other bike racks. Better still, our 4-bike Car Carrier conveniently folds down to allow fast and easy access to the rear of the vehicle. And when it comes to keeping the Carrier after use, just remove and fold for hassle-free storage.

Nothing ventured, nothing gain. And with the Giantz 4-bike Car Carrier, you can now gain a whole new world of cycling adventures. Get yours today.


It is recommended to follow state regulations when fitting a bicycle carrier to your car as regulations may vary from state to state.

If the rear number plate of your vehicle is obscured by a bicycle carrier , you must either mount the number plate elsewhere, or purchase a bicycle carrier plate from the relevant state anthority.

Ensure thet the arm at the top of the bike carrier is at 90 degree to the vehicle .

Carry up to 4 bikes
Fast loading and unloading
Fits most vehicles and bike types
Compatible with 2-inch hitch receiver
Foldable for easy storage
Fold down design for easy access to rear of vehicle
Heavy- duty steel construction
No tools needed

Max weight capacity: 4 bikes /60kg
Square tube material: steel
Colour: black
Tube width: 5 x 5cm
Tube thickness: 2.5mm
Assembly Required: No
Number of Packages: 1

Package Content
4-bike car carrier x 1
User Manual x 1

This product comes with 1 year warranty.

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