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Karrera 6-String Steel Lap Guitar - Metallic Red


Tristar Online

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Looking to expand your musical horizons? Why not try the clear, crisp and beautiful sound of this quality electric lap steel guitar from Karrera? Made from quality wood with premium-grade steel hardware, its sturdy exterior produces a distinctive portamento tone that's perfect for most musical genres, including Blues, Rock, Country, Hawaiian, Bluegrass, Western Swing and more.

With its unique design and gorgeous high-gloss finish, this instrument showcases a vintage-inspired yet contemporary look that's sure to impress.

It also has built-in volume and tone controls as well as a worm-drive tuner so any budding musician can configure its sound however they like.

Using a metal slide with your fretting hand, slide along the strings in a variety of directions to adjust the instrument's pitch while plucking the strings with your playing hand. You can experiment with the sound by quickly lifting and pressing the bar back down against various sliding points on the strings.


  • Padded bag for extra protection
  • 1/4in connector
  • Metallic finish
  • Built-in volume and tone controls
  • Geared tuners
  • Dimensions (approx.) 74 x 16.5cm (29 x 6.5in)
  • 1 x Lap Steel Guitar
  • 1 x Connector
  • 1 x Spare Strings

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