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Instahut 90% Shade Cloth 1.83x20m Shadecloth Sail Heavy Duty Beige


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20m Shade Cloth Roll - Sandstone
Made from mono-tape UV-stabilised HPDE knitted fabric for strength and shade coverage, our Shade Cloth resists tears, fraying and un-ravelling and provides up to 90% shade block. This means that it is suitable for plants such as orchids, ferns and large olive trees or used as fencing or barriers for buildings and farm structures.

Available in a 1.83m x 20m roll, our Shade Cloth is easy to install.

* Mono-tape knitted fabric for strength and shade coverage
* UV-stabilized HPDE fabric
* 90% shade block
* Suitable for home use and agriculture use

* Colour: Sandstone
* Material: UV-stabilized HPDE, Mono-tape knitted fabric
* Shade Block: 90%
* Size: 1.83m width x 20m
* Net Weight: 195g/m2

Package Content
1 x 20m Shade Cloth Roll

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