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Portable Mini Cooler

Multi-functional: It has the functions of refrigeration, humidification, and air purification. Unlike another evaporative air cooler, it can prevent dry skin. The air is processed by a built-in filter, and then blows out clean and cool cold air, which also has a slight humidification effect.

★ This cooling fan is a USB power supply, so it is very useful for indoor and outdoor use. It can be connected to adapters, power banks, computers, car chargers for convenient use.

★ Three-speed adjustable wind speed, you can choose strong wind, stroke, and weak wind.

★ A large-capacity water tank provides long-lasting humidification, eliminating the trouble of frequent water addition.

★Safe and healthy, without any chemical substances, just pour water into the water tank to get fresh and clean air.

★This air cooler consumes very little energy and can save you considerable electricity bills. 7. Small size, easy to carry. Suitable for home, office, car, outdoor, camping, and holiday!


– Brand New and High Quality
– Mini Air Cooler
– Material: ABS
– Color: White
– Fan blade color: White
– Size:16.5*16.5*16.7cm(L*W*H)
– Type: Mini Air Cooler/Humidifier/Cleaner
– Power Source: USB power,5V 2A(It is recommended that you use a computer or tablet charging adapter, Adapter is not included)
– Winds speed: 3 modes (High/Medium/Low)
– Water tank capacity: 600ml
– Ideal for office desks or small spaces
– Adjustable thermostat; 3 Different cooling settings
– Cools and purifies for clean air
– Easy-fill water tank lasts up to 8 hours
– Built-in LED mood light with 7 color options; color-cycle option too
– Ultra-quiet operation
– Freon free, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly
– Sydney local Stock, Fast delivery!


– Keep the small personal portable mini air cooler balance, do not tilt it when working.
– Add pure water or household tap water, to avoid affecting the cooling function.
– Adding 3/4 Water in the Tank is the best, Do Not Full Filled.
– Please run out of water every time, to prevent the water tank left some scale.
– Use Cup brush or toothbrush to clean the water tank once a week, keep it clean and healthy.