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Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner with Self-Refilling & Self-Emptying Base Station - White



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Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner with Self-Refilling & Self-Emptying Base Station - White

  • Advanced Laser Navigation: Utilizing advanced laser navigation technology, the L10s Ultra accurately maps your home for intelligent and precise cleaning routes.
  • Multi-Floor Mapping: Save and customize multiple maps for different floors or areas of your home, allowing the robot vacuum to clean specific zones with ease.
  • Vacuum and Mop Combo: The L10s Ultra comes with a built-in mopping system, allowing it to vacuum and mop simultaneously, leaving your floors clean and fresh.
  • Intelligent Carpet Recognition: The robot vacuum automatically detects carpets and adjusts suction power for effective cleaning, ensuring optimal performance on various floor types.
  • Virtual No-Go Zones: Set virtual boundaries and no-go zones using the app, allowing you to keep the L10s Ultra away from specific areas or rooms.


Product Description
Set it and forget it.

Automate your day-to-day cleaning and come home to just-cleaned floors that smell good and feel good. Stop spending so much of your time cleaning and start enjoying your home.

Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning all combine to make fully automated home cleaning a reality.

Creative and intelligent to clean like you.

AI-powered navigation ensures your whole home is cleaned efficiently and effectively,
reducing missed spots, repeated cleaning, getting lost, or getting stuck.

Introducing AI.

The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room. Get cleaning sooner with fast mapping that generates a 3D map of your home.

Strong suction.


Deep cleaning.

Hair, dirt, dust, and other debris have nowhere to hide with advanced technology and an ingenious brush design that stirs up fine particles and makes it easy to detangle long hairs.

Powerful 5,300Pa

suction, automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber brush coordinate to pull household debris up from rugs, out of carpets, and off of hard floors.

Auto-empties for
independent cleaning.

The auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive Dual Boost 2.0 system to blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag. High-speed emptying, minimal noise, and virtually no clogging.

General Specifications
Robot Vacuum
  • Product Dimensions350 x 350 x 97mm (13 x 13 x 3in)
  • Weight3.7kg (8.1 pounds)
  • Battery Capacity5,200mAh
  • Dust Box Volume350mL
  • Water Tank Volume80mL
  • Maximum Suction5,300Pa
  • Lowest Noise59dB(A)


Base Station
  • Product Dimensions423 × 340 × 568mm (16 × 13 × 22in)
  • Weight8.9kg (19.6 pounds)
  • Dust Bag Volume3L
  • Clean Water Tank2.5L
  • Used Water Tank2.4L
  • Threshold Crossing2cm (0.78in)
  • Maximum Runtime 210mins (Vacuuming only in Quiet Mode)

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