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Mi Window and Door Sensor – White



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Mi Window and Door Sensor – White

The Mi Window and Door Sensor requires no installation, simply stick to use. It provides smarter security that keeps your home safe. You can set your lights to turn on automatically as you come home and go to bed knowing that you’ll be alerted by the Mi Home Gateway alarm and your phone if the door or window is opened. Technology doesn’t just make life easier, it makes life safer. These sensors can interact with other devices and allow you to automatically adjust the air purifier when the window is opened to save energy. Battery life in a standard environment lasts up to 2 years depending on the usage frequency. Battery type – CR1632. Compatible with the Mi Control Hub (sold separately).

Open the door, lights turn onOpen the front door and the living room lights turn on automatically. Let technology take care of it for you.
mi window door sensorMi Smart Home Hub
Window and Door Sensor
mi window door sensorMi Smart LED Ceiling Light
Open the window, air purifier turns off the air purifier will be turned off automatically when a window is opened for ventilation, saving you both time and energy.
Mi Air Purifier
Compact and easy to set up, No need for installation. Just remove the protective film at the back and attach it wherever you like. Won’t damage your home doors, windows, or furniture. Its compact form saves space.
mi window door sensorDoors/windows
mi window door sensorDrawers
Compact yet sophisticated design Wide range of applications
Premium quality and superb craftsmanship sensor connect wirelessly to other devices using ZigBee gateway technology, for fast and reliable connectivity. The batteries can last up to 2 years* under normal conditions.
*The 2-year battery life was confirmed through testing by the Aqara Laboratory. Using standard CR1632 batteries, sensor opening and closing were simulated at a rate of 20 times per day, at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The battery life may vary depending on actual operating conditions. Under low-temperature conditions, battery performance will be reduced and battery life will be shortened.
Easy to install
mi window door sensor
1. Remove the protective film from the sticker.
2. Ensure that the installation mark on the side of the main body is aligned with the mark on the side of the magnet.
mi window door sensor
3. Attach the separate parts to the surface where it opens and close. (The main body should be attached to the fixed surface of the opening/closing area, and the magnet should be attached to the moving surface of the opening/closing area. The gap at the point of installation must be less than 22 mm when the door/window is closed.)
*The adhesive surface must be kept clean and dry. To ensure the stability of wireless signals, do not attach the sensor to metal surfaces.
Quick 3-Step Setup

Open the Mi Home app and tap “+” in the top right corner to add the Mi Window and Door Sensor.

Follow the instructions on the page to add the device to the Mi Smart Home Hub.

The hub will emit two long beeps once the device has been added successfully.