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Youcan Robot BW Space Pro Underwater Drone Set with 4K UHD Camera APP Remote Control for Real Time Viewing



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Youcan Robot BW Space Pro Underwater Drone Set with 4K UHD Camera APP Remote Control for Real Time Viewing


Capture Stunning Underwater Images with a 4K HD Camera

The BW Space Pro is the world's most straightforward, most reliable consumer underwater drone. Using SONY's state-of-the-art 4K high-definition cameras, the BW Space PRO by Youcan combines sharp image capture technology with features like image stabilization and digital defogging, to create videos and photos that are made to be seen.

Enhanced Image Stabilization

BW Space Pro's enhanced image stabilization capabilities makes our underwater drone capable of shooting professional quality video even in rough waters, ensuring that your final piece is clean, clear, and ready for viewing.

Precision Control Algorithm, Highly Flexible Underwater Movement

With the motion control algorithm, the drone is capable of flexibly moving forward and backward, rotating 360°, tilting 45°, and vertical moving.

Four Motor Underwater Drone Stability

Youcan's underwater drone is one of the most stable across any type of water. It uses four motors to manage directionality – two for horizontal movement, two for vertical – using a symmetrical structure that keeps the drone moving steadily – at a speed of as much as 1.5 meters per second.

Intelligent Automatic Depth Setting

The BW Space Pro is a smart device that can make automatic calculations and compensation in real time. It can be easily programmed to hover at a specific depth underwater, or travel up, down, and forward smoothly to another location.

Stable Signal Transmission

Using a more advanced WiFi signal that integrates MIMO technology and multi-channel transmission, our underwater drones are capable of a very strong, uninterrupted signal as much as 100 meters away with very low latency. 

Longer Battery Life with 9000mAH Battery

By combining a large battery with a highly efficient diversion motor design, the BW Space Pro is able to work continuously for up to 5 hours on a single charge, making it easy to perform more advanced underwater exploration. 

Underwater Live-streaming

Youcan designed this underwater drone to be used in education, fact finding, sea exploration, news reports, and more. To do that, we designed it to be capable of crystal clear live streaming, with a maximum transmission rate of 433 Mbps using the 5.0 Hz WiFi Repeater.

What's In The Box ?
  • BW Space Pro Underwater Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • WiFi Repeater
  • Tether
  • Charger