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Haylou RT2 LS10 SpO2 tracking, Long Battery Life, Waterproof Smart Watch



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Haylou RT2 SpO2 tracking, Long Battery Life, Waterproof Smart Watch 

Haylou RT2

Smart Watch
Move All the Time
  • Retina HD display
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • 20 days battery life

Built to Move
  • SpO2 tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • 12 workout modes
  • 20 days battery life
  • Retina HD display
  • IP68 waterproof

Aesthetic Design for Sports
The round watch with 2.5D curved glass fits comfortably on the wrist, bringing together the beauty of light trend and fashion; the 272ppi Retina display is visible even under bright sunlight.
Every detail, made for sport
Skin-friendly strap

Comfortable, slim, and easy to disassemble.

Round metal frame

Defend against rain and sweet.

Touch control screen + two crowns

Avoid accidental touch when exercising.
Sleek and durable shell

Ergonomic design for extra comfort.
12 Workout Modes
Haylou RT2 records distance, speed, heart rate, calories, and other data in real-time. 12 popular sports are available so that you can enjoy trendy sports.
 Outdoor running
 Fast walking
 Indoor running
 Free training
Go wild and break boundaries

Outdoor running, fast walking, cycling, climbing: Exercise time, heart rate, distance, average pace, steps, calories.
Sweat and keep fit

Spinning, yoga, indoor running, free training: Fitness time, exercise heart rate, calories burnt.
Burn youth and record Love

Gymnastics, basketball, football, rowing: Exercise time, exercise heart rate, calories burnt.
Recharge Once Every 20 Days
Battery life can be up to 12 days in daily use mode when fully charged, and the basic use mode lasts up to 20 days.
  • 12 days Daily use mode
  • 20 days Basic use mode
*Note: Daily mode: heart rate monitoring; sleep monitoring; call reminders twice a day; message reminders 8 times a day; wrist-lift 150 times a day; exercise twice a week, run for 30 minutes each time.

*Note: Basic mode: default watch face; sleep monitoring; turn off phone Bluetooth connection, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other functions.

*Note: The data comes from Haylou Electronic Lab. Actual usage time is related to setting, operation, and usage environment and may be slightly different from laboratory data.
SpO2 Tracking

The low blood oxygen level can easily cause fatigue, lack of energy, and decreased concentration. Haylou RT2 supports blood oxygen testing, helping you quickly adjust your status.
* Note: Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.
Sports enthusiasts

It is easy to cause insufficient oxygen supply in the body when doing strenuous exercises or excessive exercises.
All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring

24 hours heart rate real-time data is more accurate with the upgraded sensor. You can check recent heart rate changes through the watch and mobile phone.
New-generation sensor
More rapid and accurate detection
The professional heart rate algorithm
Accurate measurement for strenuous exercises.
Sync with App
Keep an eye on dynamic changes.
Considerate Care

Are you not sleeping soundly? Are you tired of sitting for too long? Haylou RT2 is your personal health assistant, so you'll be full of energy every moment.
IP68 Waterproof

The Haylou RT2 smartwatch is IP68 waterproof and can withstand all your daily activities. You can wear it while washing and easily cope with sweating during sports or stormy rains.
* Note: Meet the requirements of IP68 protection level of IEC 60529:2013 standard. It can meet daily waterproof needs and be worn and used during workouts (can be exposed to sweat), rainy days, and handwashing; do not wear for swim, shower, sauna, surfing, and other high-speed water activities. Damage caused by immersing the device in liquid when used in an inapplicable scenario is not covered by the warranty.
Real-time Message Reminder

Connect the Haylou RT2 smartwatch to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and sync calls, WeChat, and various app information in real-time.
More Practical Functions

It is more than a watch. More practical functions with the mobile phone make the smartwatch a good partner for work and life.
Time function
Weather notification
Music control
Find phone

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